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How much should you share with your kids about your finances?

Posted by Century Marketing on October 05, 2022

Children are notoriously curious. And as most parents find out at inopportune times, giving age-appropriate, honest answers to a question about an adult issue can be tricky. This is especially difficult if the child’s question exhibits a healthy inquisitiveness – something to be encouraged, not repressed. You want to avoid shutting down a child’s healthy curiosity because you are either ill-prepared or uncomfortable talking about it yourself.


Talking to Your Kids About Money - Tips to Raising Financially Savvy Kids

Posted by Century Marketing on August 30, 2022

As parents, we all want what is best for our children. We work hard to educate them about the many risks they’ll face in life. We warn them about potential pitfalls and try to lead by example where we can.


September 16 - Celebrate Working Parents

Posted by Century Marketing on September 01, 2021

Active, working parents have a lot on their plate. While holding down a full-time job, they are still feeding, educating and entertaining children in a constantly changing world. And along comes a day that recognizes those efforts, celebrating working parents.


Recognizing Labor Day

Posted by Century Marketing on September 01, 2021

As summer’s dog days fade in the rear-view mirror, Americans look forward to celebrating Labor Day. This 3-day weekend, the so-called ‘last-hurrah of summer,’ is considered the unofficial or practical close of the summer season because it signals the beginning of a new school year for most children and young adults. In addition, Labor Day marks the start of many sports that run the fall season, with the NFL kicking off its season at this time.


Back-to-School Money Saving Tips on #NationalDollarDay

Posted by Century Marketing on July 27, 2021

Back to school is an exciting time for many people, whether they are mom's loading up on crayons and safety scissors. Older students in search or notebooks, folders, and a graphing calculator, or non-students taking advantage of the sales on "school" supply sales to stock up for their home offices. Only a handful of merchants actually ask you to prove you're an actual student.


July 5 - National Workaholics Day

Posted by Century Marketing on June 30, 2021

Are you a workaholic? If you are, there is a "holiday" just for you. July 5 is National Workaholics Day. Instead of skipping lunch like you normally do, take lunch (or Zoom lunch) with coworkers – it's a first step in "curing" this condition. The workaholic condition might be one of the hardest to break because it is one of the few socially acceptable conditions a person might have. While many people think being a workaholic is good, it actually has more drawbacks than you would think.


June 30 — Social Media Day

Posted by Century Marketing on June 02, 2021

June 30th is a day that has been set aside to celebrate social media. It’s true that social media has enhanced lives in many ways over the years. From finding incredible recipes, outfits, and decorating ideas on Instagram and Pinterest, to reconnecting with family, friends, and even lost loves on Facebook, to finding “how-to” videos for practically everything under the sun on YouTube, social media is a force that is here to stay.


Budget Friendly Winter Activities for 2021

Posted by Century Marketing on December 22, 2020

While the holidays usually afford some extra time, much of which we seem to be compelled to go shopping, there are creative ways to stay active while managing your budget.


Preparing for the Holidays in 2020

Posted by Century Marketing on October 30, 2020

The holidays are coming up, and that often means some extra spending. While that's to be expected, the additional challenges of 2020 can make spending money more difficult this year. Fortunately, there are great ways to save money and be frugal while still offering your friends and family something they'll enjoy and treasure.


Saving Money On College

Posted by Century Marketing on October 11, 2020

College is expensive but it's also a solid investment in your future. Education is necessary to help you achieve the career path of your choice but being saddled with massive debt after graduation isn't ideal. The best course of action is to budget ahead of time and apply for every type of scholarship and grant available to keep your costs down in the first place.