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Recognizing Labor Day

Posted by Century Marketing on September 01, 2021

As summer’s dog days fade in the rear-view mirror, Americans look forward to celebrating Labor Day. This 3-day weekend, the so-called ‘last-hurrah of summer,’ is considered the unofficial or practical close of the summer season because it signals the beginning of a new school year for most children and young adults. In addition, Labor Day marks the start of many sports that run the fall season, with the NFL kicking off its season at this time.

Happy Labor Day

Labor Day became an official federal holiday in 1894 as the result of a Congressional Act. The holiday was developed to honor the contribution of the American labor movement (and its many workers) to the success and growth of the country. Labor Day is celebrated each year on September’s first Monday, with many local and national events planned to honor the occasion.

Observing Labor Day

back yard games

To celebrate Labor Day, many Americans choose to vacation at a favorite getaway or a new and exciting destination. This is because most of the country’s weather is warm and conducive to outdoor activities, which will soon yield to shorter days and dropping temperatures. But some of these incredibly popular Labor Day traditions and activities make little sense during a pandemic, considering the consequences, and for many, the cost.

Families who want to celebrate Labor Day locally will find numerous ways to celebrate the holiday without venturing too far from home or the need to spend boatloads of money. Labor Day has become one of the busiest retail sales days, spearheaded by back-to-school sales and other discounts. Many businesses claim that their Labor Day sales numbers rank second only to Black Friday.

Wondering What to Do on September 6, 2021, Without Breaking the Bank?

  • Host a BBQ & Backyard Tournament of Games – A bar-be-cue is one of the most traditional ways to celebrate the holiday. While the burgers & the hot dogs are grilling (and the music is flowing), there are many great and affordable games for a gathering of friends and family to enjoy under the summer sky. Try a homemade batch of s’mores – deliciousness traditionally made from marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate – melted over an open fire. Make it a pot-luck celebration to help spread the costs to everyone attending.
  • Labor Day Sales Take Advantage of Labor Day Sales – Retail sales and discounts on Labor Day offer significant savings for back-to-school essentials, designer finds, and gear for the upcoming cold-weather season. You can take advantage of holiday discounts by shopping locally while supporting local businesses that need and appreciate your patronage, especially during this challenging time.
  • Cool Off in Your Backyard – Turn on the sprinkler and remember why kids have great memories of this summer activity. Inflatable kiddie pools are an affordable way for adults to sip cocktails in the summer sun.
  • sprinklers Attend A Local Outdoor Festival or Community Picnic – Depending on your location; many planned festivals offer great entertainment at affordable prices that support the local economy. Check around for a music festival, a BBQ cookout, a car, or a local art show. Top the day off with plans to see fireworks.
  • Explore a Nearby Park – visiting a local park is a great way to calm one’s nerves created by busy modern life. Park fees are usually moderate as many are partially subsidized by the government. A day picnic is a great option, but for the adventurous types, try camping for a night or two.

A long holiday weekend of fun doesn’t necessarily need to break the bank. Stay local and enjoy the options nearby while choosing to support businesses challenged by the current economic climate created with COVID-19.

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