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Posted by Century Marketing on June 02, 2017

You are on an exciting journey! Working towards your goal of financial freedom takes determination and focus -- and it will be so worth it in the end!  Getting rid of debt may be one of the most satisfying goals you can achieve. The journey itself is important. Every time you save money and add to your settlement account, you have taken one more step towards financial freedom.  Each step is a success worth celebrating. It's very motivating to keep track of your progress. One great way to do that is to blog about your journey. This will help both you and others.


How Blogging Helps You Achieve Financial Freedom. Sometimes when we are on a long journey, we tend to forget there are many small steps along the way. If you just think about the big goal at the end, you might sometimes feel overwhelmed. But if you think about each smaller step as it arises, you will feel encouraged and empowered. Try blogging about your daily successes in saving money. You can write about how you saved the money, and if you like, you can also write about what you were thinking and what you were feeling. When you take the time to record your daily experiences in written words, you are giving yourself a gift -- the chance to savor your step-by-step successes. This feels good! You are rewarding yourself for your hard work, which in turn makes it easier to forge ahead on your path to freedom.

How Blogging Can Help Other People. When you blog about your experiences in your journey to becoming financially free, you are helping other people who are on the same kind of journey. It's encouraging for them to read your blog. It will make them feel they are not alone in their own journey. Your blog can also inspire people in two ways. First, as you progress in your journey, you may discover new ways to save money that you hadn't thought of before starting on your current path. When you blog about those discoveries, people who read your blog may learn something they hadn't thought of before either. Your successes can help inspire their successes. The second way that your blog can inspire people is if you write about your challenges. The path to success is not always totally smooth. You will encounter difficulties -- and you will find ways to overcome those difficulties. When you write on your blog about how you dealt with problems that arose along the way, you can encourage others with the knowledge that solutions are possible.

The Key to Blogging -- Be Honest and Be Yourself. Blogging your journey is like keeping a diary or a journal, except that instead of locking it in a drawer, you are sharing it with others who could benefit from reading about your experiences. There is nothing fancy about blogging. You just have to be  yourself and write about your successes and your challenges as they arise. The key is to write about your experiences in an honest way -- don't exaggerate, but don't understate things either.  Just tell it like it is. You may be surprised at how much the act of writing down your experiences helps fix your successes in your memory and helps motivate you to keep on doing the great work of saving that will lead you to the financial freedom you want.

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