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End of Summer Travel Deals - Where to Look

Posted by Century Marketing on August 03, 2022

As the end of summer approaches, you might wonder if your opportunity to get away has passed you by. Rest assured that even while you are attempting to get your financial life back on sound footing, if you are purposeful with your planning, you can still enjoy traveling and vacations. This is especially true if you utilize these tools to find end-of-summer travel deals:

best last minute travel deals


This platform allows you to access hundreds of travel sites in seconds, finding the best prices for rental cars, hotels, flights, and more. Kayak is an ideal tool to utilize to get out there and enjoy the last vestiges of summer. Kayak Explore is a feature within that platform where you can enter a certain time you want to travel and even exact travel dates to further quantify your search results.

Secret Flying

book your travel online

When you have figured out where you want to go for your end-of-summer trip, your next step is getting there. Thankfully, by using Secret Flying, via their search tool, you can find great deals of last-minute flight deals. All you have to do is enter your departure location, your destination, and the time you want to fly, and you will get a grouping of options. You can even set up alerts for this tool that will give you a heads-up that rates are low and are up for grabs.

This website is ideally used to book a hotel room for your trip. You can use the platform to find good deals on last-minute room rentals. If you combine with the last-minute flight finder, you will be able to plan a great last-minute trip easily.


Another favorite for grabbing up last-minute hotel rooms is HotelTonight. This tool has been used to garner discounts of up to 50% off the listed price. It’s helpful to use the feature on the site that allows you to book even a bit further than same-day accommodations, in case you don’t want to literally plan a same-day trip.

Last Minute Travel

Aptly named, Last Minute Travel is a site solely dedicated to last-minute travel deals. There you can find deals on cruises, hotels, car rentals, and even fun activities. The hotel deals alone are worth a look. There is even a paid club option, the Last Minute Travel Club, on this site that allows club members to earn even deeper discounts. The membership for this is $50 yearly.

FunJet Vacations

This website allows you to book both your hotel and flight together at the same time. At FunJet Vacations, you enter where you want to go, and then they share the best hotel and flight deals that are available. The sales that are highlighted are particularly helpful if you are somewhat open in terms of your destination or time of travel.

Most Affordable Late Summer Destinations


While the sites listed above will help you get the best deal on a hotel and flight for a variety of destinations, the following are some destination ideas to keep in mind that are particularly affordable in late summer:

  • Bar Harbor, Maine: Described as a postcard come to life, this town is surrounded by the Acadia National Park and Frenchman Bay. There are many options for outdoor enthusiasts along with water sports options.

  • Niagara Falls: A trip to Niagara Falls is especially affordable in the summer. Add to this the fact that the mist from the falls is pleasant on 80-degree days, and it’s apparent why it's a great late summer destination.

  • Surfside Beach, SC: This beach, known as “The Family Beach” features activities, like beach hula and fire shows, many of which are free. The area is well maintained and is a clean, safe summer getaway.


Keep the information listed above in mind when planning your end-of-summer vacation as it will help you save the most money possible on your adventure.

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