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Distracted Driving - What You Need To Know

Posted by Century Marketing on October 04, 2018

In 2016 alone, auto accidents involving distracted driving claimed more than 3,400 lives in the United States. Combine this with the fact that distracted driving accidents cost a total of $175 billion per year, and it's easy to see why this is a major problem.

distracted driving-852904-editedBy knowing how to avoid distractions while driving, you can avoid becoming another distressing statistic.

Avoiding Distractions While Driving Cell phone use is the most common source of distracted driving (accounting for about one in four accidents), so putting your phone out of sight (and on silent mode) while driving can help to reduce the temptation to text or check social media behind the wheel. If your car is equipped with a hands-free smartphone integration system, take advantage of this so you never need to pick up your phone while driving.

Another common source of distracted driving is that of loud music. Radio distraction-784520-editedWhile it can be tempting to blare your favorite music while hitting the open road, keeping it at a reasonable volume will help to ensure that you hear emergency sirens as they approach. A lower volume will also help to better focus on the road and what's going on around you.

Finally, avoid other distracting activities behind the wheel, such as eating or trying to apply makeup. It can wait until you have a chance to pull over.

Added Bonus: Reduce Your Insurance Rates When you don't engage in distracted driving practices, you can reduce your chances of being involved in an accident. And of course, without any accident claims on your driving record, you may even be able to catch a break on your insurance rates. If you don't have any accidents or major moving violations on your record, check with your auto insurance agent to see if you're eligible for a discount.

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