Welcoming New Clients to the Century Program

Our partnership with you begins on day 1 when a member of our team reviews your journey and answers your questions. Our onboarding educates new clients on what to expect from their new program.

You can complete this onboarding in any of the following 3 methods. Please choose one of the following options and complete it today. It will only take a few minutes and provides you a road map to getting started on the right path.


Live Welcome Onboarding Appointment

Live Welcome Onboarding Appointment

If you are interested in speaking live to one of our Onboarding Liaisons and asking questions, schedule an appointment with our team below.



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Welcome Onboarding Checklist for New Clients

We specifically designed this checklist for our new clients. You will review a few short, informational pages to provide the most important information needed to navigate your program successfully.


Your Onboarding Checklist

Welcome Onboarding Video or Program Refresher

Whether you are a new client or have been on the program for awhile, this video is a great overview of what to expect while on this journey.
Check it out today.


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Century's Welcome Guide

We specifically designed this Welcome Guide to educate our new clients on what to expect. But it will definitely come in handy as a reference during your program journey. This guide offers the essential program information you need to navigate your Century program successfully. Download this easy-to-use Welcome Guide and refer to it as often as needed!


Review and Download Your Welcome Guide Today!
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Creditor Authorization to Communicate

A Letter of Authorization (LOA) to communicate with your creditors gives Century the ability to negotiate with your creditors on your behalf. You may have already signed one of these electronically with your original contract but many creditors will only accept a copy with a physical signature.

This document is very important to your program's success.
Please return it to us ASAP.

Click the button below to access the document. After you print and sign it, upload it to your portal.

Authorize Document

Are we doing a good job explaining your debt settlement program?

Your Century program will be most successful when you understand how debt settlement works. The GetAnswers page was created to assist you in finding explanations to the most frequently asked and most important aspects of your program.

Just click the button and you will be directed to this page. 

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Approving Settlements with the Century Alert System (CAS)

Century uses our Century Alert System (CAS) to send you important notifications about your program. You can approve pending settlements through several different methods offered with CAS.


Click on the video OR the  infographic to review the methods to approve your settlements.

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Please add two important contact numbers on your mobile phone for easy identification and access to Century.

  • 724-861-3401
  • Our text number - 47234

Scan the QR code with your smartphone, then choose "add to contacts" to ensure our important contact numbers below will be set up as a contact in your phone.


Century's Client Blog

Our team is here to help you enjoy life while you’re working diligently to complete your debt relief program.

The six lifestyle categories provide money saving articles, written with your needs in mind. The articles are informative and educational, from a financial literacy perspective.


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The Road to Better
Financial Health

Century’s monthly client newsletter ‘The Road to Better Financial Health’ is packed with money saving tips and articles.

Find Century's current newsletter and all of our archived newsletters by clicking the button below.

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Your Feedback Helps Us Customize Your Experience Even More

We are always looking for better ways to service our clients. Help us customize our messaging and future value added offers we can bring to you.

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Value Added Services for Century Clients


Community Tax

Century announces a new partnership with Community Tax. They have extensive experience assisting taxpayers that have had debt cancellations. If you are interested in taking advantage of this valuable referral opportunity, the Community Tax team is ready to help you today.



Want to save money on your monthly bills? Century has created a new alliance with BillCutterz to help you do just that!

Click below to find out how BillCutterz can help save you money today.

program tips

When you are enrolled in your debt settlement program, a plan was created to meet your specific goals over an estimated time or program length.


The length of this program is typically dependent on how much debt you have to resolve and how much you able to deposit into your reserve account each month.


Every month you deposit a preset amount into your dedicated account. You can monitor your account balance and watch your funds grow by logging into your MyCentury portal.


Century does not make regular monthly payments to your creditors from your dedicated account.


Your credit score may decrease while you are enrolled on this program, but our focus is to save you money by negotiating settlements for less than the balance owed. Results will vary depending on your specific program factors.


Some creditors may associate with debt collectors, collection agencies, or law firms in an attempt to contact you. We recommend that you share with Century any billing statements or collections letters you receive by uploading them on the MyDocuments page of the client portal.