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Posted by Century Marketing on January 31, 2020

If you have a hobby or even a skill, you can use it to make extra money. But, you have to be good at the hobby or skill, and you have to learn how to market your skills if you want to earn extra money. Before you even get started, identify your niche. Are you a great photographer? Do you have superb writing skills? Woodworking? Crochet or knitting?

Market Skills

Be Your Own BrandOnce you decide what you want to do, start sharing your knowledge. You can post pictures of crafts or write tutorials. Start a free blog or create a page on social media. Link to your pages and blogs on different social media platforms. Make sure you contribute something at least once every week.

You might even build a community based on your craft or skill. You can discuss different methods, share places to find work, and share methods to better your skill. So far, everything is almost free. While you have to pay for your internet connection, creating posts and pages on social media is free.

Sell Yourself

Make sure you know what you are talking about, whether you are applying for a position with a company or you are selling your hobby. Most employers have a program that searches for certain keywords for a position and might never see your resume or CV if you don’t include those keywords. But, don’t just pad your resume with keywords you look up — make sure they are in your skill set. An employer will surely learn that you misrepresented yourself on your resume when you go in for the interview.

Whether you are looking for employment or starting a small business, sell your skills online. You have many free or low-cost options other than creating your own blog, including:

Creating content for someone elseSell Yourself
Post as a guest on someone else’s blog
Trade links with others to increase your blog’s position with search engines
Create podcasts
Manage your reputation by encouraging people to leave reviews on your social media pages and on Google
Use Facebook ads to help promote yourself
Run a Google Ads campaign
Run Instagram ads
Use search engine optimization for your pages and blogs
Create a social community around your skill(s)

These are just a few of the things you can do to market yourself to earn money from your hobbies or skills. Always make sure you spellcheck and grammar check everything you put out about yourself. If someone notices a spelling error, that could be reason enough to trash your resume or to move on to the next person with the same skills you have.


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