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Core Values at Century

Posted by Century Marketing on July 03, 2019

Have you ever asked yourself what are the real influencers of your decisions? Why you prefer one situation over another? Why are you living where you are living right now or why do you work where you work? 

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The answer to the decisions you make lies at the core of your character. Another way to say this is it’s your personal value system, your core values. To value someone or something is to hold that person or thing as important.Core Values Inspiration

Personal core values generally operate in the background of our daily lives. They influence everything that you do and it happens on auto-pilot. You just know intuitively what you like and dislike and decide accordingly. 

Companies, like individuals, have core values or belief systems that help guide them along the journey of their mission and vision. Last year, Century embarked on a journey to clearly define our core values, which educate our clients, potential clients employees and potential employees on what we stand for, our culture and belief system. Century always operated with a sense of our core values but they hadn’t been defined until now.

Our core values support our mission: Core Values“To help each and every one of our clients resolve their debt in the shortest time possible and we do so in a way that is extraordinarily responsive, innovative and professional.” 

Our core values are a window into who we are. They support and shape our culture by defining what we value most. Our core values are alive and well every day at Century. It’s our goal that you see, hear and feel these core values throughout each and every interaction with our team members. Program Tip 1

We are excited to share these Core Values with you and look forward to continuing to support you along your journey toward better financial health. Click here to learn more about Century’s core values.

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