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Happy National Parents' Day: Celebrating in Uncertain Times

Posted by Century Marketing on July 02, 2020

Even if you’ve never heard of this holiday before now, it’s an important one: July 26th is National Parents’ Day! Celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July every year, this annual observation honors the important role parents play in the lives of their children. Certainly, the last few months have found many parents in uniquely stressful and unanticipated times. However, this is all the more reason to appreciate their dedication to their kids through the good and the bad. Here’s a closer look at this special holiday, why it matters, and inexpensive ideas for celebrating.

National Parents Day

All About National Parents’ Day

National Parents’ Day was officially signed into law by President Bill Clinton and adopted by Congress in 1994. Its purpose? “Recognizing, uplifting, and supporting the role of parents in the rearing of children.” The National Parents’ Day Council says of the holiday, “On this day each year, Americans recognize outstanding parents, celebrate the teamwork in raising children, and support the role of parental guidance in building a strong, stable society.”

The COVID-19 crisis has found many parents carrying unprecedented burdens. From unexpected financial woes to managing young kids’ remote learning endeavors while simultaneously judging their own professional commitments to helping older kids cope with missing out proms, graduations, internships and other milestones, the obstacles are manifold. And yet parents continue to rise to the challenge in order to support their kids’ health and happiness.

Celebrating National Parents’ Day

Family All over the country on National Parents’ Day, towns and neighborhoods host events honoring parents. Parents’ Day Committees organized at the local level sponsor programs, including applauding exemplary parents within the community. At the national level, meanwhile, a Parents of the Year Banquet is held in Washington, DC to recognize moms and dads who “exemplify parental love, service, and dedication to their family and to the broader family of their local community.” If you know someone you’d like to nominate, you can do so through the National Parents’ Day website.

However, parents don't need to receive an award to know they're loved. While some people choose to shower their moms and dads with cards, flowers and gifts, there are less costly yet equally impactful ways to show your love. These include attending to a helpful task or chore; organizing a car parade for socially distancing loved ones; or cooking a special brunch, lunch or dinner. Even something as simple as taking a walk together or planning a multi-generational movie night is significant.

Family While the acts of generosity and sacrifices made by parents to provide emotional, physical, and financial support for their children often go unacknowledged, they benefit their children well into adulthood. There's no better example of this than making a commitment to sticking with your debt relief program, even under extremely trying circumstances like the current pandemic. While it may not be easy, doing so is one more wonderful thing you can do for your kids that will have a long-term positive influence on them. Not only will they feel more secure when your family is financially stable, but you’ll also be serving as an invaluable financial role model for them.

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