Your Century Onboarding Items

Below are some of the onboarding items you will need to move forward with your Century program.
Thanks and welcome to Century! 

Your Century Onboarding Video

When you have finished watching the video, please click the blue button that appears to
let our team know you have completed it. Thanks and welcome to Century! 

Century Onboarding


Your Onboarding Review Sheet

Onboarding ReviewPlease take a moment to download our Onboarding Review sheet.  This document will assist you with  the important items in this checklist that require you to take action.  You will be provided the opportunity to download the Onboarding Review at the end of this checklist as well.


Portal Registration Tutorial

Portal Registration


The Century Alert System (CAS)
Approval Methods

Century uses our Century Alert System (CAS) to send you important notifications about your program. Please watch the video below to learn more about about these methods.


CAS.May 2019

Important Program
Contact Information

Please add two important contact numbers on your mobile phone.

  • 724-861-3401 
  • Our text number - 47234

By scanning this QR code with your smartphone, our important contact numbers will be setup as a contact in your phone.


In thinking about your new program and applying it to your day-to-day life, is there anything that you can think of that might prevent you from being successful in your Century program?

If you answered YES to the question above or if you find that there are still program related items you are unsure about, please reach out to our Onboarding Liaisons at 888-913-8784 option 6 or by scheduling a meeting with them at the link below.

Still have Questions? Schedule an Appointment with Our Team